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When it comes to figuring out the value of your property there are various types of house valuation that you need to take into consideration. The first is estate agents valuations, as this is the type of valuation that most people consider to be a true reflection of what your house is worth.

In actual fact, estate agent valuations don’t actually mean anything, and they don’t say anything about what your house is worth. Estate agent’s value property on opinion, and the price they set is what they think your home is worth.

Estate agents are businesses like any other business, and they are looking to sign you up to a contract, therefore they will often over value your property in order to sign you up to a seller’s agreement. Sellers agreements usually span 3-6 months, and they tie you into using that estate agent for that time period. Even if you manage to find a cash buyer in that time frame by yourself, you may still be liable to paying the estate agent a fee.

When estate agents put a value on your property, and put it on the open market – they aren’t interested at first if your property is overvalued and doesn’t attract buyers. The sole objective of an estate agent is to sign you up on a contract, and then make you come to the decision that the price you have listed your property is too high – and therefore expecting you to reduce your asking price in order to attract a buyer.

Online valuation tools

There are online valuation tools available to the general public that can be used to get an estimation of the value of your home. Some of these tools are better than others, and some use more advanced technology than others.

Zoopla and NethousePrices for example uses past sale history, recent sales and property types to evaluate a property valuation, and will give you an estimated valuation online. However, they are all estimates, and don’t really have any purpose.

We also have our own valuation tool, which works slightly different to the above systems – we estimate a value of your property based on what we would pay cash and what we could get on the open market for you. By entering your details into our system, we will look at various statistics and information provided, and give you 2 estimated valuations.

The first is what we will pay cash, which will usually be 20% behind current market value. The second will be an estimate of what we could possibly achieve on the open market for you.

The service we provide is completely free, all you need to do is fill in the form and wait around 30 seconds for the calculation to be carried out. If you don’t like the prices given, you are free to walk away and not tied into anything.

For an INSTANT online cash offer for your property, or to find out about our other services, just enter your details in the form opposite NOW.

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RICS (Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors)

There is only one true way of knowing the value of your home and that is with a RICS valuation. RICS are used by mortgage companies to evaluate the prices of property in the UK. Without a RICS valuation you do not know what your house is worth and you can’t expect that an estate agent or any type of property professional other than a qualified RICS surveyor to give you an accurate valuation of your property. RICS valuations are not free unfortunately, and as a private homeowner they will probably set you back around £600. However, you can have a RICS valuation done from us at our expense if you are interested in getting a cash offer from us. We will pay the RICS valuation fee, and get the value of your property – and if you are not happy with our cash offer based on this valuation you are under no obligation to sell your property to us.

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